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Sydney Fish Markets Day Tour 28th January 2015

Welcome aboard!  Todays day tour is taking us to bouncy castle for sale the Sydney Fish Markets – The largest operating fish market of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

Today is a great opportunity to scale the outlets, dine in inflatable park or dine out on the waters edge.  Purchases can be made and transported on ice underneath the coach.

Todays tour includes coach travel with morning tea and all group activities on the day.inflatable water slide.

Price:  $49 per person ($24 per person with your Avid Travel Club or JobQuest membership voucher)

Avid Travel Club – 2015

Welcome to the world of Avid Travel.


We have a new travel program for 2015.  Our bouncy castle with slide for sale website has been upgraded by the best in the business, Tim Warren from Bluesoap.  Thanks to Tims ingenuity, you can now log on and become a free member of our Avid Travel Club.

We will have regular updates to keep you in the ‘know’.  We will be issuing some special tours this year and as usual, we want to keep injecting new bounce house for sale ideas into our itineraries.  We encourage you to offer your feedback so that we can chase up your great destinations too.

The Avid Travel Club is a service that will be offering budget solutions to enable the seniors in our community to travel on a regular basis.  Its inception has been assisted by JobQuest, an organisation that has an array of services in our local area.

Horizontal HACC sign

To register your details for the Avid Travel Club, please click on the ‘Get our Newsletter’ tab at the bottom of the page on our website.

Registration is totally free.  Information about our tours news will be emailed to you periodically.  You are able to unsubscribe at any time.jumping castle

We would like to thank all those staff at JobQuest for the opportunity and the ongoing support in the set up of the Avid Travel Club.  2015 will be bringing great tours, a great day out and great job satisfaction to alot of different participants in this community based program.